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How The New Technology is Revolutionising The Hotel Guest Experience in 2022

Yesterday, hotels and hospitality services were able to offer a variety of products, from rooms to restaurants, spa or beach. True entrepreneurs offered their own vision on the market; some of them took the best advantage of these innovations and achieved great success. For instance, new designs of rooms and buildings (considering the green perspective) have led to higher prices as well as accessibility to more luxurious brands without losing comfort.

With technology taking over our day to day lifestyle, travellers and tourists contemporarily depend on technology in order to traverse between countries. And this extends to the hospitality industry, more and more hotels are now adopting technological change that will give their guests a much better experience than before. So what does the new life changing technology mean for the best hotels in Sharjah, and more importantly, how are they impacting the hotel guest experience course in 2022?

The Booking Process

Booking rooms through messenger apps is easy and time-saving. A guest can book a room directly from a messenger app without having to go on a website or call an operator. This means that they won't have to wait on hold while they make their reservation or ask a series of questions; instead, they can just send a message and get an answer back as quickly as possible.

Additionally, guests will be able to pay for their stay directly through Messenger or Facebook Messenger, which means that this will speed up payment for hotels and eliminate long lines at check-in counters.

Online travel agents like Expedia and Hotels.com have revolutionised how people book their vacations. With millions of reviews from other travellers and detailed information about each hotel property available online at any time, OTAs provide an easy way to compare prices and amenities across multiple locations before booking a room at a specific hotel property.

Digital payments are becoming more popular every day, which means hotels need to offer them as well. Guests will expect you to accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet or other types of digital payment options so they can avoid carrying cash or cards around with them while travelling.

Going mobile with check-ins and checkouts

As more people book travel using their smartphones, it makes sense for hotels to offer a mobile check-in option where guests can complete their entire process without having to physically check in at the front desk. Mobile check-in with the use of mobile apps has made checking into hotels a breeze. Hotel apps and mobile friendly websites allow you to enter your reservation information, choose your room type and make special requests ahead of time. This allows guests to verify that they checked in and checked out properly at the end of their stay - no matter where they are when they do it (even if they've already left the hotel). The keyless entry system uses RFID technology to let guests enter the rooms they booked at a hotel near Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah without having to swipe a card at all. It also allows staff members to monitor who comes in and out of their building. These systems have become very popular among hotel owners in Sharjah because they provide many benefits to the hotel and guests such as reducing costs and increasing security at the same time. There is no need to keep track of keys which save you money.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality can be used as a marketing tool to help promote hotels by showing potential guests what it would be like to stay at the property. This can be done through virtual tours or 360-degree videos, which give customers a realistic visual representation of what it's like to stay at your hotel. You can use this technology to give guests an idea of what their room will look like, where everything is located and how far away it is from their accommodation.

The most effective way to utilise this technology is through booking engine integrations. This allows you to display your hotel with swimming pool, gym & SPA in Sharjah on booking engines like Booking.com, Hotels.com or Tripadvisor.com, which can increase brand awareness and conversion rates among potential guests who see your property pop up on their screen while they are searching for accommodations online.

The opportunity for VR in hospitality is huge. According to a research study conducted by HVS and CTA, 65% of hotel executives believe VR will play a significant role in the future of travel, yet only 17% currently offer it to their guests.

This year, we've seen even more hotels using virtual reality as part of their marketing campaigns, especially in the high-demand periods like holidays or big sporting events like the Olympics or World Cup finals such as the FIFA.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Thanks to AI, automation and other new technologies, it's possible for hotels to offer more personalised service and interact with guests in ways that were previously unimaginable. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, hotels are now introducing smart assistants that will help guests to get in touch with their favourite staff members. The AI is taking over all the routine tasks of hotel staff and making things easier for them.

Voice-enabled technology also makes it easier for hotel staff to communicate with guests when they need something done outside of normal business hours - such as checking out early or requesting extra pillows before bedtime - without having to contact management first.

Live assistant: A virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa will allow customers to book a cab or even order room service without having to move from their bed. The technology will also enable you to track your luggage as soon as it arrives at the hotel and provide you with real-time updates about the arrival of your flight etc. This allows 5 Star boutique hotels in Sharjah to provide real-time instant services without having to send someone over to check on them every time they ring the bell.

Smart hotel rooms

The future of hospitality has arrived, and it's all about personalization. From guest rooms to concierge services, the best hotel reviews in Sharjah are using technology to deliver a more personalised experience for guests and improve the hoteliers service.

For a hotel guest, the smart room is an invitation to experience a new level of luxury. It's a place where you can relax, unwind and forget about the outside world. The smart hotel room offers more control over your environment, including lighting and temperature. You can adjust these settings from your phone or tablet, or use voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant.

With this technology, hotels will be able to know each guest's preferences and requirements beforehand which will help them make better decisions about what services should be offered to each guest. This way, hotels can offer guests a customised experience no matter where they stay or what type of room they have booked.

Another benefit that comes with using smart hotel rooms is that they allow you to save money on energy bills as well as maintenance costs. This will ensure that your hotel remains profitable even during hard times when there are fewer guests staying at your property

Gives hoteliers more insight into what visitors want. They give you access to a whole range of information about how guests use their rooms during their stay. This allows you to get feedback on what they like, what they don't like and what changes they would make.


New technology will enhance the hotel guest experience by 2022 with better check-ins; personalization, including items such as welcome messages, weather, and local attractions; and new forms of payment through mobile devices. These are some of the innovative tools that hotels can use to improve their business. Technology allows guests to spend more time enjoying their stay without worrying about how they would pay for services or products while staying in a hotel near Al Noor island like Hotel 72.

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