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How to Choose the Right Theme for your 5 Star Hotel Party

p>Having a themed party at the 5 star hotel has its own charm. Planning to make your bash several days before and asking around in a friend circle is not the way you go about things. This means that the theme of such parties should be planned well in advance by the host. Events held at a luxurious hotel with conference halls, meeting rooms in Sharjah with themes sets the tone for your event and will even affect the mood that's set during the party. Keep in mind though, not every theme is right for your specific event; you need to choose the right one.

Types of Themes To Choose For Your Party

The Famous Oscars Awards Night

The Oscars Awards Night is one of the most popular parties that you can host at a 5 Star Hotel venue. This theme is perfect for those who love to watch movies. You can hire movie stars, who will be present at your event. This will give your guests an opportunity to meet their favourite movie star and take pictures with them.

The Arabian Nights Theme

This type of theme is perfect for those people who are looking for something unique and exciting because it has never been used before by anyone else. This type of theme will help you create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable because they can create their own world where anything goes; from costumes to music, everything will be taken care of by the hostess so all guests have to do is show up dressed.

If you're planning on throwing an Arabian Nights themed event, then make sure to discuss the menu with the 5 Star Hotel in Sharjah venue to serve Arabic food such as hummus, dates, figs, pomegranates and honeyed cakes!

The Blue Suede Party

This party theme is perfect for a birthday celebration or a corporate event. It’s also ideal if you want to spend some time with friends and family in an elegant yet fun atmosphere. The colour blue is associated with sophistication and elegance, which is exactly what this theme offers.  This theme features a classic rock and roll soundtrack, neon signs, and lots of fun. You can use anything from blue balloons and streamers to blue tablecloths and napkins.

The Million Dollar Party

This theme is appropriate for any type of celebration where you want to make a big impression on your guests. The million dollar bill symbolises wealth and opulence, which makes it the perfect theme for any high-end event such as an anniversary party or a wedding reception. You can decorate the venue with lots of lights, balloons and even flowers if you want to make it look more elegant and sophisticated.

Retro Theme

If you're looking for something simple but effective, a retro theme could be just what you need. Retro parties are often set in the 1950s or 1960s and feature lots of fun fashions, hairstyles and decorations. You can also choose to have your party in a venue that has lots of vintage furniture, decorations and lighting. They're a great way to celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion.

Hawaiian Theme

Hawaiian parties are another popular choice for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. However, they're also great for birthdays and other events because they're so much fun. Themed around surfers, hula dancers and local landmarks like Diamond Head Crater, these parties are sure to make everyone smile... or at least think about vacationing in Hawaii.

Hollywood Theme

If you are looking for a theme that will make your event a hit, then the Hollywood theme is what you need. It is a popular and very versatile theme that can be used for any occasion. It is perfect for a birthday party, anniversary or any other special occasion. Opt for a red carpet entrance where all of your guests have their photos taken as they walk into the venue. Best hotels in Sharjah offer photography services for such events to capture memories of the event.

A Great Gatsby Theme

For something different and unique, then why not consider hosting an event with a Great Gatsby theme? With this theme, you can create a glamorous atmosphere that will match the era perfectly and make it feel like your guests have stepped back in time. You could also use this theme if you're planning an anniversary celebration or birthday party as it is very popular at these types of events.

Bollywood Theme Party

For a Bollywood theme party, you can choose to go with the traditional Indian wear or dress up as your favourite Bollywood actor. The venue can be decorated with bright colours and lights. You can have a DJ playing Bollywood songs or hire a live band to play tunes. You can also invite some of your friends who are into dancing and have them give dance lessons to others.

Masquerade Ball Theme Party

A masquerade ball is an event where the participants wear masks and other costumes. The mask hides the identity of the wearer, creating an atmosphere of mystery and excitement for the participants. This mask-wearing tradition has been around since ancient times, but it became popular in Europe during the Renaissance period (1400–1600).

Masquerade balls were often held at royal courts or in private castles with elaborate decorations and live music. Today's masquerade balls are still being held at many locations around the world such as hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc.

A Themed Party is a Great Way to Jazz up a Party in a 5 Star Hotel Venue

Themed parties are a lot of fun. They help you paint the right mood, and give people something to remember. With so many themes to choose from, it can be tough to pick one. Make sure to keep your audience in mind when choosing your theme. Suppose you’re having a hard time deciding which theme to go with, then consult an event planner at hotels with great rates in Sharjah.

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