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How to Book a Hotel Room in Sharjah During Ramadan

How to Book a Hotel Room in Sharjah During Ramadan

During Ramadan, hotels in the UAE are in high demand. You need to pay attention to certain factors in order to secure a room that meets your needs and vacation goals. Hence, there are several things that you need to know about the best hotels in Sharjah during Ramadan. These things will help you make the hotel reservation process a lot easier and more fun. Of course, you also have to keep in mind that some aspects of these facilities might be important to you. Use these tips in this article to book a hotel room in the UAE during Ramadan so you avoid being stranded or falling short in your booking process.

Booking your room in advance

It's important to plan ahead when booking your hotel room in Sharjah during Ramadan. The festive season begins on March 23 to April 20. Planning ahead is the key to a successful stay in Sharjah during this time of year. Here are some factors to consider before booking your room:

Availability: The first thing you’ll need to determine is availability. There are several hotels in Sharjah that offer special Ramadan packages during this time of year. You can search for these online or by calling the hotel directly if you don’t want to book online.

Room type: Next, consider what kind of room you need for your trip. Do you want more space or fewer people? A single room can have one or two beds while a double room has two beds and so on.

Price: Last but not least, check out prices and make sure they fit within your budget before booking a room in Sharjah at this time of year.

Search online travel sites like Expedia or TripAdvisor for best hotel reviews in Sharjah to take advantage of special accommodations for travelers during Ramadan. You'll also want to check out local websites for information on where to stay during your trip.

Choosing the right hotel

You may want to choose a hotel that is near a mosque so that you can attend daily prayers without having to worry about transportation or time constraints. Some hotels even offer special Ramadan packages that include private amenities during the month or have rooms with private balconies where you can recite your prayers. If you plan to attend daily prayers during Ramadan, look for a hotel that is conveniently located near local mosques. This will make it easier for you to attend prayers and fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the holy month.

Consider iftar and suhoor options

One of the biggest challenges in booking a hotel room during Ramadan is finding somewhere that offers iftar (the meal eaten before dawn) or suhoor (the meal eaten after sunset). If you plan to eat out at restaurants, consider this when choosing where to stay in Sharjah. Many hotels offer buffets for both meals, so make sure to check out the menu before booking. If you don't have time for an elaborate meal at night, look for hotels that offer more casual meals like sandwiches or salads. Look for a hotel with an Iftar dinner package that includes tantalizing Arabic cuisines.

Look for Ramadan-specific deals

Top 5 star boutique hotels in Sharjah offer special Ramadan deals and packages to attract more tourists during this time, so be sure to look out for these. You may be able to find a discounted rate or special perks like complimentary meals or spa treatments. Early room bookers also get a room upgrade and complimentary breakfast or dinner. Some hotels also offer free Wi-Fi access as well as other facilities like swimming pools, gyms, spas etc., which are normally chargeable during other times of the year.

Be respectful of local customs

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and eat only after dark. Therefore, it is important to be respectful of your host country’s culture and customs by dressing appropriately and avoiding eating or drinking in public during daylight hours and be mindful of noise levels during the nighttime hours.

Consider booking a hotel with a spa or fitness center

Many hotels offer discounted rates for guests staying during Ramadan because they know that people will come in for spa treatments and exercise classes. If you are looking for an affordable place to stay during Ramadan, consider booking a room at an all-inclusive resort that has its own spa or fitness center. This way, you won't have to spend extra money on activities that keep you entertained during your stay. You can read more about 72 hotel with swimming pool, gym & SPA in Sharjah here.

Be prepared for changes in hotel services

During Ramadan, some hotel services may be limited or unavailable after a certain time of the day to pay respects to the holy month timings. For example, some restaurants may be closed during the day, or room service may be limited to certain hours. Be sure to check with the hotel in advance to understand any changes in services during Ramadan.

So the bottom line is this, for international visitors travelling to Sharjah, it's better to book your holiday in advance during Ramadan. This will give you the best chance of being able to find an affordable hotel room and being able to enjoy your stay in Sharjah. Especially if you're looking to book a hotel room during Eid vacation, it's best to do so as soon as possible. You'll be able to stay in Sharjah while practising Islam during Ramadan with the tips and suggestions that we covered!

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