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Your Guide to Enjoying a Meal and Hotel Stay According to Your Taste

Who doesn't like a good meal after all the hard work is done? Particularly if you are travelling and it is past the prime hour of dining out, Mention a hotel with a restaurant in Sharjah to your friends and you will see how they make faces. In Sharjah, hotels with restaurants balance on the scale of popularity and practicality. But there are still hotels which offer both - providing you with a chance to enjoy food at its best. Take a look at our list which includes sample meals in hotels with restaurants.

What to eat at your Sharjah hotel with a restaurant?

The hotel with the restaurant in Sharjah is a very convenient place to eat and stay. You can choose from a variety of food and drinks and also enjoy your meal with your family members and friends. The hotel with the restaurant in Sharjah offers you all kinds of options for having good food at reasonable rates.

The Ultimate Flavours at Your Disposal… Anytime, Anywhere!

Let’s start with Arabic food. Arabic cuisine is known for its variety and flavour. One of the most popular Arabic dishes is shawarma, which is basically meat cooked on a vertical spit through indirect heat or on an open flame. It’s typically served as a sandwich or wrap with a variety of toppings such as tomatoes, pickles, onions and tahini sauce. Other popular Arabic dishes include falafel (fried chickpea balls) and hummus (chickpea dip).

Healthy Food

The best 5 Star hotel in Sharjah provides the best healthy food options for their guests. The healthy food options include:

Vegetarian dishes: Vegetarian dishes are great for those who want to enjoy a meal without meat. If you want to eat vegetarian food, then you can choose from a wide range of options like paneer tikka, dal makhani, aloo gobi and many more.

Fish dishes: If you love seafood, then you must visit a hotel with a restaurant to enjoy delicious fish dishes like pomfret fry, shrimp curry and crab masala. These delicacies will surely help you enjoy your meal in the best possible way.

Non-vegetarian dishes: Some people prefer non-vegetarian dishes over vegetarian ones because they believe that these dishes have more flavour than vegetarian ones. You can try chicken curry or mutton biriyani if you love non-vegetarian dishes.

Main Course

The main course is the most important part of a meal. It is the part of the meal that gives you something to munch on while you enjoy with your friends, family and loved ones.

The main course can be anything from meat to fish or vegetarian food. It could also be rice, pasta or any other food item from your favourite cuisine.

There are various types of main courses that you can choose from for your meal. Some hotels have their own particular recipes for their main courses, which you can try out if you visit them regularly.

A Sweet Treat

Appetisers are also called starters or hors d’oeuvres. These are small portions of food served before the main course. They are meant to whet your appetite before you enjoy your main meal. Shrimp cocktail, soup, melon balls and cheese cubes are some common appetisers served in hotels with restaurants.

When you are looking for a sweet treat, 72 hotel near Expo Sharjah has a wide range of options. The equation Restaurant, Sharjah boasts of heavenly desserts that will make your mouth water. The desserts include chocolate truffles, macaroons and more.

Are you a Fan of Pizza?

Hotel restaurants in Sharjah are always prepared to serve every kind of food; they have something for every palate. Hotels with restaurants in Sharjah make sure that they have something for everyone. Pizza is one of the most preferred foods by people all over the world, especially kids and young adults. The best hotels with restaurants in Sharjah offer great pizzas along with other mouth-watering dishes.

For those who want to enjoy a nice meal with their family or friends, it is always good to book a table at 5 Star Boutique Hotels in Sharjah. You can try out different types of pizzas that you have never tasted before. There are many types of pizzas available in these hotels; some are made from fresh vegetables while others use meat as toppings.

Has Nothing but Pasta Stirred your Appetite?

The vast menu at the restaurant of our hotel in Sharjah offers several choices of pasta, from spaghetti to penne. The chef has made sure that every dish is cooked to perfection, with the right blend of spices and herbs. Try our creamy mushroom sauce pasta and you will not be disappointed. This pasta dish is made with fresh mushrooms and cream sauce, topped with parmesan cheese.

A Seafood Feast on Friday

While you are looking for a place to enjoy seafood, then you can’t go wrong with the restaurants in the hotels in Sharjah. The hotels that have restaurants offer a wide selection of seafood dishes, including sea bass, salmon and lobster. They also have other types of food as well as desserts

Authentic Indian Cuisine

The cuisine is known for its spicy flavour and aromatic herbs and spices. It uses a lot of vegetables, pulses and lentils which are generally cooked in a number of ways like stir-frying, steaming, deep frying or roasting. When you're staying at a 5 Star Hotel in Sharjah don’t shy from enjoying some authentic Indian cuisine.

A Romantic Date in a Modern-style Bistro

The 72 Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Sharjah, and it has everything you need for an unforgettable stay. In case you want to impress someone special, then Quadrant Cafe at this hotel is the place to go. The restaurant is located on the ground floor, where you can enjoy delicious meals while enjoying the beautiful view of the city skyline. You can even order room service if you want to eat indoors without having to leave the hotel.

Do you fancy a long buffet line for a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes?

Sharjah hotels can offer you a wide range of cuisines, from Asian to European, and even Indian and Arabic. Staying in a hotel near Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah then you can enjoy a variety of options on the menu.The buffet spread has an array of dishes prepared by their expert chefs, including seafood, vegetarian and continental specialties.

Here at 72 Hotel with Restaurant, we want you to enjoy the full flavour Sharjah has to offer. We know that dining out can sometimes be a challenge due to dietary restrictions and preferences, so our blog will outline your best options for dining out in Sharjah. Never miss a meal when staying at our 5 Star Hotel in Sharjah.

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